The Importance of Thinking Customer in 2023

It is important to focus on your customer’s needs to develop a better understanding of their objectives and their values. This will help to align the right solutions for customers that will really benefit them. Here at Zoom In there are a number of initiatives we take to deliver for our customers.


Understanding who your customers audience will not only help you target correctly, but will help you to identify the right content, language, images etc, to use.

Zoom In take a data led approach, planning your campaign using Mosaic to understand a customer audience so that we can build a campaign that delivers messages that are written in the most appropriate way to the most appropriate audience.


Customers most precious commodity is quite often time. It’s important to recognise that customers do not necessarily have time to plan their campaign.

Zoom In provide a full service from planning, design, print and delivery. We are here to support you throughout your whole journey with a team member that is contactable to provide support the whole way.

Peace of Mind

We must acknowledge, despite reassurances, that a customer may be anxious over the delivery and effectiveness of a campaign.

Our credentials play an important role in helping to reassure customers that they are in safe hands. We are members of the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) signing up to their strict compliance guide.

In addition, our distributions are audited, and deliveries are tracked via GPS devices.


Consumers concern about environmental sustainability continue to increase, making it an important differentiator for brands. Zoom In can support you in two ways:

-          Planning a scientifically targeted campaign that will reduce wastage by targeting postcode sectors that will most likely benefit from your product and services.

-          We offer customers the opportunity to offset the environmental impact of their leaflets campaign by planting a tree.

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