Door Drop vs Direct Mail

Door Drop and Direct Mail are both cost effective methods of delivering your message to potential customers and generating a response. They share some common characteristics but what makes them different and which one should you choose?

What is a Door Drop?

Anything un-addressed that comes through your letterbox in the form of advertising, promotion or informative literature. They are not addressed to the ‘householder’ or ‘occupant’ and could be a leaflet, product sample, coupon or brochure.

What is Direct Mail?

Addressed mail that is posted directly to an individual in the household and business locations. This type of mail is highly data driven as it requires the details of individual recipients.


Targeting Your Audience

Door drops remove the need to use personal data as the unaddressed distribution is carried out at postcode level and is therefore a GDPR compliant method of marketing to your target audience. Direct mail can be used as a highly targeted method of distribution due the item being addressed. As this method is household specific any recipient of this type of mail must give permission to the sender to hold their personal details and therefore receive direct communications.


Do door drops work as well as direct mail?

Door drops are one of the most affordable and effective methods of advertising with a 48% response rate. It has been recorded that direct mail has a 47% response rate so there really isn’t much difference in the two methods in terms of response.

Door drops have a greater reach than direct mail as more people in the household will see the item if it is unaddressed and so more potential customers will see your message despite only one item being sent. Direct addressed mail pretty much guarantees that your intended recipient will open your item, however this is where the journey of your item ends.


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