Door drop connects you to local community

Since the pandemic trends have moved faster and behaviours have become more intense.

Sustainability is one of the growing trends in the last few years resulting in 58% of consumers interested in supporting local businesses through their commercial decisions.

Local has come to mean more than just nearby as, even after the pandemic, consumers continue to shop locally as they view local business as trustworthy.

According to JICMAIL building local connections for your business has become an important factor to ensure growth. Door drops are a great way to build these local connections as 85% of door drops with local content are engaged with and 75% read. Also, whenever local content is included in door drop, they are 33% more likely to be discussed with someone keeping your brand front of mind.

Door drops are greatly effective on a local level as they can be precisely targeted and designed to help your business grow. During the current uncertain climate, building on local connections will boost your customer interactions and, ultimately, attract new customers.