DMA Door Drop Report 2023

The DMA have released their latest performance metrics for door drops revealing key insights on door drop opportunities.

Given the economic conditions door drop volume held up relatively well, reducing by a minor amount from 3.54 billion to 3.53 billon year-on-year. With the tough economic times this represents a steady performance and can be viewed as a positive.

New insight from JICMAIL reveals that door drops are among the most attention efficient media channels. With the average time spent reading a door drop across 28 days is 46 seconds equating to 7p per minute of attention. This type of customer interaction is invaluable.

Furthermore, it is now more clear than ever that door drop is an offline channel with notable online effects, increasingly driving discussions between consumers, prompting advocacy, and extending reach. As seen especially in Q2 to Q4 2022 with 12% of door drops prompting brand discussions. Ultimately, this shows that door drops have effects far earlier in the customer journey than they are traditionally credited with.

Overall, the data suggests that door drops remain a robust medium and should be considered a key part of the marketing mix as they are effective and hold consumer attention.