Get connected

Local and regional newspapers connect with communities and businesses in ways no other media can. In fact, local newspapers are the most trusted source of information (Source: Consumer Catalyst). You can put your business at the heart of that connection.

Leaflets and many other promotional items such as product samples (think make-up testers) can be inserted within most of the paid-for local newspapers across the country.

Inserts can also be placed within highly-targeted lifestyle magazines and other niche publications.

Why use inserts?

Inserts can add extra impetus to your campaign.

They are particularly useful in areas where the options for door-to-door distribution services are limited.

Your sort of people

All of our titles have a readership profile that allows you to select the title that matches your customer base. Newsquest has more than 60 paid-for regional titles across the UK offering close to 1 million insert opportunities every week.
Our team of planning experts will combine our innovative products and sophisticated targeting tools to design a campaign that will really work for you.

As long as our equipment can ‘grab it’, then it can be inserted. So there’s bags of creative potential. Talk to us about your item and we’ll tell you if it can be done.