Why door drops?

Delivering leaflets might seem a bit outdated and quaint in this digital age but, at a time when budgets are coming under increasing pressure, businesses need to be sure they get results from their advertising.

Door drop marketing has proved itself as a powerful and effective way to reach potential customers cost-effectively.

Who gets my door drop?

You decide. You can target by part or all of a local newspaper’s distribution area. You can target by postcode, village or town. You can target people who live within a mile of your business or those who have a 20-minute car journey to reach you. Or you can target specific types of people based on their spending habits and lifestyles. You can deliver as few or as many as you want. Working with our partners, we can even distribute your leaflet nationwide.

Shared delivery

Door drops delivered alongside one of our trusted local newspapers* are described as shared. The local newspaper is a welcome visitor to most homes. Residents trust, respect and act on the content in their weekly paper. And your door drop will be welcomed too. In fact, 79% of consumers at least glance at door drops while 23% read them properly. (Source: DMA)

*As part of regional publisher Newsquest we have access to more than 200 local newspapers throughout the UK.

Solus delivery

Solus can take your leaflets beyond the reach of the local newspaper. Using solus your leaflet can be delivered to any house on any street on any day you want. And because each drop is a one-off, you can target very specific households based on demographics.